Tikka Chance on Me – Suleikha Snyder

51wIhIoMQnL Tikka Chance on Me – Suleikha Snyder – B

Pinky Grover has moved back to her literally-middle-of-nowhere Indiana hometown to help out at the family restaurant after her mother’s cancer diagnosis. Her mother may be doing well, but Pinky is back in a routine and the draw and pressures of family life have kept her in town rather than going back to school in Chicago.

There’s another thing, person, that’s keeping her attention in Eastville. 6’3″ of muscled, leather-clad biker gang leader Trucker Carrigan. Pinky’s not naive, she knows what the biker gang does. She knows they tried to strong-arm her family into paying ridiculous prices for protection, that they’re associated with other heinous crimes. But she finds herself drawn to Trucker like a magnet anyway — and she just can’t reconcile the Trucker she knew growing up, the man she still sees in front of her, who flirts with her and loves Marvel Comics with what she knows his gang is capable of.

And no amount of knowing better and being a well-behaved girl is going to keep Pinky out of Trucker’s bed, even if they both know it’s a disaster in the making.

This is the first modern-day, biker club, novella I’ve read in a minute and it was SO good. For once, I appreciate the realistic approach to what the motorcycle club is doing. This isn’t the motorcycle club that’s fighting the bad guys from the inside.

As I always find with novellas, I crave a deeper dive. Though, this novel, for me, is missing nothing that other novellas lack when it comes to believing a relationship and believing feelings. Snyder’s able to convey the connection the two have before we’re dropped into their relationship as readers, which saves the feeling of Love at First Sight that is pervasive in other novellas.




The sex is REALLY hot.

PREORDER on Amazon.

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